Roswell Alien Bust

The Roswell Alien Bust Friend

Roswell Alien Bust Best Friend

Need someone to talk to when home alone? Do you want to make sure ET knows your one of the friendly’s? Send a positive signal showing your open to friends of all kinds.  Have your own alien bust in your favorite room and enjoy a great conversation piece.

From the shoulders up this collector’s prop is pulled from the same mold used in making the full-size alien. Superb quality and excellent detailing. It is made of hard foam, 12” wide and 14” tall. Almost too real. It’s a lightweight “actual” size bust. A powdery complexion (not powdery paint).  It’s unsettlingly (sp) realistic. Creepy little holes for the ear openings and the whole thing is 3-d, so the back is finished as well (no flat backing). This thing is like an alien death-mask.

Roswell Alien Bust Review

This Roswell alien bust is very good looking. Its life-size remember they are only 4 feet tall. It is very lightweight but well made it comes highly recommend to anyone thinking of buying it. I have always loved the Roswell incident this bust brings it to life in your own home. Any Roswell or UFO fan would love it!

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