Rubber Band Machine Gun

Rubber Band Machine Gun

900 Rubber Bands at 16 Bands A Second!

I got to get me one of these!  This is more than a toy, its a fantasy come true. This leader of Rubber Band Gun is rock and roll ready for the serious shooter. This is a 6v rubber band gun that shoots 16 bands a second. It can hold up to 900 rubber bands and comes with 600.

It has a single stringing of 225 bands, and it can be loaded on top of that three more times,  to hold a total of 900 bands. AWESOME CAPACITY!  The Rubber Band Machine Gun is 35″ long and 12″ tall. It comes with a display stand for storage and of course showing off. Included with the gun is 600 rubber bands and requires 4 AA batteries, not included. It has a range of approximatly2- to 30 feet.

It’s playtime for the big boys and girls with this beauty. Have a great time with this high quality, high capacity rubber band gun.

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