Every fisherman wonders if there is the “Big One” right in front of them, now they can know!

fishing solarWith sonar fishing identifying technology (that’s right it’s scientific) fishing now works in conjunction with smartphones and tablets. Fish & landmark detection data is transmitted to the phone in real time. The information allows you to map water beds, mark spots, log water temps and depth, add lures, species, and video in the trip log.

Go Fishing

No more sitting on your duff, in a lawn chair, by the bank, and drifting in and out of sleep waiting for your bass bounty to show up. Get off your ass and find the fish you want, watching the screen for today’s lunch or dinner! SEE THE FISH, BE THE FISH, CATCH THE FISH!

This SONAR MOBILE PHONE FISH DETECTOR has wide applications. This is ideal for kayak, canoe fishing, ice fishing, works both in saltwater and freshwater, effective at locating fish and structures on ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers.

Let’s Go Fishing!

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