Sound Reactive LED Mask


Robot Sound Reactive, LED Mask is Perfect for parties or festivals.

This mask is SOUND REACTIVE AND RECHARGEABLE.  The rechargeable Mask Modulator™, located behind the head is sensitive to the rhythm with minimal interference. Integrating some pre-programmed features for every possible situation.


Sound Reactive LED Mask Details

With PURE ORGANIC LIGHT -the phosphorus ink is screen printed on a translucent conductor. This material consumes minimal power, is cold to the touch and emit a very mesmerizing glow.

Want a great mask that is LIGHTWEIGHT, ADJUSTABLE & SAFE TO WEAR? The Mask is around 140g / 4.97 oz. Fitting any head size, the wiring is hidden and a protecting black foam make the Mask comfortable to wear.

A VERSATILE mask for special occasions.  The Outline Mask™ can follow you anywhere – your Private Event, the next Festival, your favourite Nightclub, and even your next Artistic Project. It is the perfect accessory for any occasion.

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