A kitchen tool that doubles as a 2nd oven.

3-tier Oven Rack dd

3-tier Oven Rack ddd

Bakes up to 3 tiers of heavy casseroles.
This 3 Tiered oven rack makes the most of oven space.
Collapses flat for easy storage

Now with durable chrome-plated steel construction.
Dimensions 14-1/2-inch by 11-inch by 10-1/2-inch

With the rack, you are able to roast your holiday turkey, alongside 3 side dishes, cutting baking time in half. For the busy entertainer, the rack is an absolute lifesaver!

2 3-tier oven racks will fit in most regular sized ovens, creating 6 levels for baking sides, appetizers, desserts, or anything needed for the occasion.

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Space Saver 3-tier Oven Rack is the one kitchen tool that doubles as a 2nd oven.

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