Space Saving Monitor with 4K UHD Resolution

Space Saving Monitor.

This Space Saving Monitor is 32″ designed with integrated arm stand which provides 40% more usable desk area. It has a single cable that sits neatly behind the arm stand to keep your desk clutter-free.
Show off an understated, stylish look with the Samsung Space Monitor’s slim panel and 3-sided bezel-less screen. The space-saving 32 Inch Monitor is 4K UHD resolution for stunning images with lifelike detail.

The arm stand can be easily raised and lowered, even to stand flush against a wall or on your desk, to adjust to your viewing height. Integrated clamp supports desks up to 3.54 inches thick and allows for quick and easy installation.

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The monitor that returning the desk space and clean desk environment to consumers, clips on to the back of the desk, adjust forward while working, then move back into storage position.

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