Stop Thieves Before They Start

Stop Thieves Before They Start

Stop Thieves Before They Start With FakeTV!

Stop Thieves Before They Start with a simple and inexpensive fake TV. Have you ever notice the moving glow shining from your neighbor’s windows when they are watching TV?

Burglars notice this too, so they know to move on to another target. FakeTV simulates the light output of a television, making it look like someone is home watching TV. Simple and Easy deterrent!

The light effects of reality television programming, scene changes, fades, flicks, swells, and more are all faithfully simulated by FakeTV. The FakeTV model FTV-7 makes the light as television does. The FTV-7 simulates the light output of a 27″ HDTV and made for our budget conscious customers. In addition, the FTV-7 has one timer setting: Dusk +5 hours.

Simulates the light output of a 27″ HDTV
Built-In light sensor and timer
Uses the same amount of power as a nightlight
7 Super bright LED’s with polished white reflector
Comes with instructions and US style AC adaptor

FakeTV’s built-in computer controls 7 super-bright LEDs that fill a room with light. It accurately simulates scene changes, fades, and on-screen motion, in thousands of possible shades of color, just like reality television. A built-in light sensor turns FakeTV on at dusk and turns it off after 5 hours The dynamic light from FakeTV conveys the impression of “alive” in a way that a light on a timer cannot. Consumes just the power of a night light. AC adapter included.