Stressed Out? Fed Up? Blow Off Steam!

Stressed Out Fed Up

Stressed Out, Fed Up, Blow Off Steam, feel The Need To PUNCH!

Stressed Out Fed Up are you ready to punch something just to get it out of your system? We got you covered.

The next time you need a little relief and to blow off some steam try this desktop, countertop punching ball. This little gem stands upright just waiting to be pummeled by you. With its heavy-duty spring, it gat take a beating and comes back for more.

The stress releasing ball comes with its own manual air pump. It makes a great little arm workout device by building endurance and strength. Its made to improve cardiovascular fitness and work your upper torso. With a durable design and compact size its great for the office or home. Just don’t let the boss know your thinking of him as you punch!

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