Summer Gadget Gifts

Summer Gadget Gifts

In need of summertime gifts that won’t break the budget? Here are the latest top 5 gadget gifts that may interest you.

#1 Invisible Stick on Soles

Summer Gadget Gifts
These stick on soles are pretty cool if you want to be barefoot without dealing with really hot surfaces. Is easy on, and easy off. They’re sticky enough to stay on but don’t hurt when pulling off of your feet. Protects your soles from hot pavement and rocks/glass/whatever but also lets you feel like still barefoot.

#2 Worlds Smallest, Brightest, Stick-On LED!

Brightest, Stick-On LED! Thumb-Lite
Thumb-Lite, the size of a key, turns everything into a flashlight. It’s small, it’s bright, it’s handy, what else is there?

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#3 Summer Gadget Gifts Smores Stick

The Smores Stick with it’s Telescopic Handle Reaching Up To 37 Ft., For Skewering Any Kind Of Hot Dog, GRUBCAGE: For Creating Any S’More Masterpiece! Here Are Just A Few Things That You Can Make: Fire Roasted Ice Cream, Bacon Wrapped Brussels, White Chocolate Raspberry Crepes, Twinkie S’Mores, Reese’S S’mores, Pastry Cup, Wannabe Cannoli!

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#4 Camping Rocket Stove

Heavy Duty, Portable Rocket Stove for hunters, fishman, camping trips, backyard cooking, outdoor events, or survivalists.
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#5 Pets Backpack

Transparent Backpack for Cats and Puppies,Airline-Approved, Designed for Travel, Hiking, Walking & Outdoor Use.
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