Apr 4, 2019
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Survival Tool Must Have Friend

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Survival Tool Must Have Friend Combines an Axe, Hammer, Pry Bar.

Survival Tool Must Have Friend timhelmicksr

The Survival Tool Must Have Friend is a heavy-duty all-purpose hand tool designed for professional truck drivers, survivalists, backwoodsman, and camping enthusiasts. Cut branches, pry loose nails, chip away hard-packed ice, and more.

Includes curved ax, spanner, hammer, nail puller, tire chain hook, pry bar, and lever, Shock-absorbing power grip, and fiberglass handle and Made in the USA. The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Demolition Tool!

Why bring a hammer, ax, pry bar, nail puller to the job site when you’ve got the Trucker’s Friend available. Made in the USA of hardened carbon steel and a Nupla fiberglass handle, the tool is built to last a lifetime.

Survival Tool Must Have Friend timhelmicksr

Customer questions & answers:

How easy will this tool cleave through a zombies skull?
How fast is the zombie, and does it still have both of its arms. A slow zombie with two arms may be able to block several thrusts and get the weapon twisted in muscle and ligaments, making it fairly useless. A fast zombie with both arms is next to impossible t get past.

Is this tool approved by Ragnar Lothbrok?
Spoke to Ragnar last week and he said it’s excellent for small village raids but not-so-much for season finale epic battles.
By Bshops2much! on April 3, 2017

what are the dimensions of this item?
Hey Amazon Customer – This is not a “Battle Axe” – it is about 2.5 pounds and stretches about 1.75 feet long – has a good weight, and feels awesome when you hold it, but I have only used it to chop wood, bang in some nails to hold pictures on the wall (I even tried it once to open a beer, but that didn’t work well, lo… see more

Can you throw it?
Can throw anything. But seem a bit odd weighted to be a throwing ax

I just received one of these. Feels good in the hand, nice weight, but needs at lip the end of the handle for hand grip slips. Where’s the Sheath?
Sorry for the delay in responding. The handle flares quite a bit at the end? Are you thinking even more? Also, the product no longer comes with a sheath – we had made a very fancy, but ultimately not very durable, sheath out of clear plastic. Instead, offer a separate leather sheath with a lifetime guarantee. In the future… see more

Does it come with any kind of cover or sheath
Hello! It comes without any cover or sheath. But you can buy an original leather cover (app. USD 25). But I order custom sheath from kydex in my local workshop. Good luck!

Is this the truckers friend made by innovation factory with warranty or a knock-off by off-grid tools?
Knockoff!! Said it was the truckers friend and arrived an off grid tool.. A piece of crap!!!
By Kevin Guevara on June 28, 2018

Is the sheath a must have for this tool
I found it to be a must but I made mine as I wanted it to go on my belt or backpack, and I am crafty like that.
By James Moody on December 17, 2016
I have one and am glad I purchased it. The tool is somewhat heavy, won’t bounce around in the trunk or a toolbox, it’s pretty much like a small ax. The tool does ship with a cheap plastic blade edge cover, but it won’t last long.
By JerryL on December 17, 2016
It’s not an absolute must have, but I ordered it as I carry it back n forth from my work truck to personal car.
By B Paul Thind on December 18, 2016

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