Talking Interactive Spider-Man

Talking Interactive Spider-Man

Talk It Up!
Double press the spider button and ask a question. Spidey talks back using full frequency range speakers and State-Of-The-Art Speech recognition!

Spider Man

This is hours of fun for kids of all ages. Have Fight Baddies, Team up with Spidey and go on interactive missions to fight his infamous enemies. Apps are available online!

Check out the Eye Animations, Spidey’s LCD eyes are very expressive. Probably more than most humans. Comes with Tons of Content it’s Loaded with hundreds of pages worth of content, Spidey will keep you entertained for however long it takes to get through it.

Full of Surprises – Spidey has more easter eggs than the Easter Bunny. What will you find? Double press the button on Spidey’s chest and speak from prompts like ‘Fight some bad guys’ or ‘Practice our skills’ to start the experience.

Listen to a story, chuckle at a joke or join forces to battle Doc Ock, Venom, Vulture, and the rest of Spidey’s fearsome foes. Practice your newfound powers by blasting robots, zapping flies and answering trivia questions (hey, knowledge is power). With Wi-Fi capabilities, Spidey automatically updates, so there’s always a new adventure to be had.


Spidey’s got jokes. Lots and lots of bad jokes. Er, Dad jokes. Yeah, that’s what we meant.


Spidey connects to the web (no, the other kind) so he can download new stories, jokes, games and missions.


Before you step out, activate guard mode and Spidey’s built-in motion sensor will alert you if anyone tries to step in.

Alarm Mode

Wake up! Wake up! Set an alarm in the app and start your day the Spidey way.

Spider-Man box

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