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Is Hydroxychloroquine Safe or Not?

Is Hydroxychloroquine Safe or Not? I was told this video was banned from you tube, seems pretty straight forward to me. From Rumble — Once again Trump was right ” Hydroxychloroquine “. Published January 24, 2021 3,577 Views Rumble — Once again Trump was right ” Hydroxychloroquine “Continue Reading

Military Thinkers

So starting today… You can be a Soldier in the greatest military machine in the world, you can be gay, bi, transgender, black, white, yellow, blur or green, BUT YOU Cannot be a free thinker on issues the political party in office disagrees with. Hummmm? Sounds Like Communist China toContinue Reading

Democrat On Fox News

Is this true? OMG How can stuff like this not open up people’s minds! Democrat On Fox News Denouncing Trump For Insurrection Has A Painting Of Mao Above His FireplaceContinue Reading

Truth About America

This involves the increasingly troubling cooperation between big government and big business, to destroy civil liberties. This show is brought to you by Express VPN https://www.expressvpn.com/bongino Please subscribe to the podcast at: iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-dan-bongino-show/id965293227?mt=2 Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dan-bongino Android: http://subscribeonandroid.com/feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:136343638/sounds.rss Sign up to receive Dan’s daily email at https://bongino.com/newsletter/ Join Dan onContinue Reading