Toilet Golf 7 Piece Set

Toilet Golf Set

7 Piece ‘Toilet’ Golf Toy Set

Tired of sitting there being bored out of your mind? Need to think of something else to relax? Are you addicted to Golf? We Got You Covered.

Make your toilet potty more fun and productive by practicing your golfing skills with this 7 piece toilet golf set.

This Bathroom Mini Golf Game Potty Putter Golf Sports Toys Set includes a green carpet. Also, a plastic cup and flag, putter, and a 2 practice golf balls. And Do Not Disturb sign with Green carpet which is 100% polyester and is hand wash only.

This set offers extra practice time with every trip to the bathroom,Great gift for namy golfers. Perfect your technique on your down time. It is Simple, Easy and Quick to set up. Here’s a great way to work on your game and improve your strokes! Well….or just make that golfing fanatic in your life laugh really hard. A simple and fun way to make any golfer laugh.



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