Valentine Day Chocolate Tools

Valentine Day Chocolate Tools

Valentine Day Chocolate Tools, Real Size in Gift Box Great Gift for Valentine Day!

Valentine Day Chocolate Tools are wrenches made of premium dark chocolate, 70% cocoa products. And yes they are solid and real size. These make an awesome gift for your dad, brother, son, friends, and boyfriend.

Want to present a funny, cute gift for dads birthday, kids party, family celebration or corporate party? This gift set of chocolate tools become a hit and bring a humorous touch and smile to a party or special occasion.

These tools are truly great for a laugh. If you got a handyman in your house or even want to be a DIY guy,  this is the most unusual gift that will make an indelible impression on any person.

These are manufactured with high-quality ingredients. Produced from natural pure quality ingredients, and always flavors free. Also, the ingredients are Cocoa liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa powder.

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