Valentine’s Day 2020 Heart Shaped Mittens


Lovers, Couples Red Heart Shaped Gloves Mitten Gift For Valentine’s Day 2020!

Valentine’s Day is really close, but summer isn’t. Winter is going to make us feel cold for many weeks before the hot weather returns. And this means that it’s not too late to buy mittens for you and your loved one.

Actually, Valentine’s Day seems like an ideal opportunity to give your loved one some nice mittens as a gift. Even the most unadorned gloves would make a perfect present. Still, if you wish to take it a step further, our advice is to consider buying these heart-shaped mittens for couples!

What’s So Great about Red Heart-Shaped Mittens for Couples?

These mittens have the potential to turn this year’s Valentine’s Day into an unforgettable experience for you and your lover. It’s because these aren’t your regular mittens designed to keep your hands warm during cold winter days. These mittens are designed to keep your hands and your hearts warm!

There are three times in the package: one mitten for you, one mitten for him, and one mitten for both of you. The last one is designed for two so that you will keep your hands together when wearing it. And once you put it on, the shape your hands will create is heart.

Not only are these mittens cute and romantic, but they’re also very cozy. Being made of soft material, that’s very good at keeping your hands warm. And as they come in red color, everyone will know you two are in love.

All of this makes them perfect for Valentine’s Day, but this doesn’t mean they won’t be a good present for other occasions. Actually, why would you need any particular time to buy these mittens? If you need a set of gloves that will keep yours and your lover’s hands warm, these seem ideal!

Main Specs of the Mittens

Here’s what you’ll get in the package if you decide to buy these mittens:

  • One red mitten for her with 9 x 6.3 inches size (23 x 16cm)
  • One red mitten for him with the size 9.5 x 6.7 inches (24 x17cm)
  • One red special mitten for him & her with the size of 18.5 x 9.8 inches (47 x 25cm)

Red mittens seem like an excellent choice for Valentine’s Day as this color is traditionally thought of as romantic and erotic. But, if you don’t like it for some reason, there’s also a black version of the mittens available.

Each of these mittens is made of 100% polar fleece, a high-quality material that’s made of a lightweight version of polyester. This material is also very soft and warm, making it an ideal choice for mittens. The great thing is that polar fleece is very sturdy and durable, as well as very easy to wash.

You can machine wash these mittens without any worry that they might get damaged. And once you wash them, it won’t take too long for the mittens to dry as this material dries quickly, much faster than other materials commonly used for mittens.


Heart Shaped Gloves Mitten