Valentine’s Day Cupid Kit

Valentine's Day Cupid Kit

Red Valentine’s Day Kit with Wings and Cupid’s Bow & Arrow

Who says Halloween is the only time of the year when it’s not weird to wear a costume? We certainly don’t! We believe that an awesome costume can bring a lot of fun and joy to your life. And if go with a sexy one, it can spice up your love life!

Sure, some might think that dressing up as a cupid could seem strange to your lover, but not if you do it as a Valentine’s Day surprise. There isn’t a better day of the year to get into the costume of a naughty little cupid!

Become Your Own Cupid with the Valentine’s Day Kit

In Roman Mythology, Cupid is a winged god of erotic love who uses his bow to shot love arrows. Anyone hit with one of his arrows is filled with uncontrollable desire. Imagine having such power to use it for your own pleasure!

Well, you sort of can. If you get yourself this Cupid kit, you will make yourself look incredibly sexy. And you won’t need any special powers of Roman deities to help you seduce someone. You’ll become a goddess of love who can make anyone fall in love with her!

Red Feather Wings

Wearing a pair of wings on your back will make you look like a true angel. But, because these wings are red, you’ll appear to be a naughty one! And that’s probably what you have in mind for Valentine’s Day.

The red feather wings that come in this kit have a wingspan of 18 inches and a height of 16 inches. This means that they won’t appear too large, not too small, regardless of your height. Furthermore, they’re designed to make you feel very comfy while wearing them, while it literally takes a moment to put them on or off.

Cupid’s Bow & Arrow

If you’re going for the look of a naughty angel, you’re going to achieve it with the wings only. But, it’s Valentine’s Day and you need Cupid’s arrows to make your crush burn in lust for you. The kit comes with Cupid bow and arrow, which will add to your appearance, but also inspire you to play some naughty games with your lover.

The toys are made of plush, therefore are pretty lightweight. The length of the arrow is 15 inches, while the bow is 20 inches long.

Buying the Cupid Kid as a Valentine’s Day Present 

This Valentine’s Day kit might be designed for women, but this doesn’t mean men can’t buy it. Whether you plan to wear it as a joke or gift it to someone special, buying it would definitely be a good choice.

Actually, the experience has shown that girls love these types of presents. So, if you still haven’t figured out what gift to get for your girlfriend/wife for Valentine’s Day, the Cupid Kit might be your perfect choice!

It’s beautiful, it’s sexy, it’s naughty, and on top of everything, its price isn’t that high. What else can you want from a Valentine’s Day present?

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