Valentine’s Day Message In A Bottle

Valentine's Day Message In A Bottle

Seal The Romance With This Special Gift!


A Unique, stunning full-size 12-inch tall glass bottle with “I Love You” laser etched engraved on the bottle is a perfect way to say Happy Valentine’s Day. This comes with rose petals Inside, and a high-quality gift box, aged paper with graphic printed.

Message in a bottle is a romantic vintage keepsake gift for a special one. Everything included. You personalize once you get it. Stunning graphic design on a parchment paper is included to impress. Once you get it, write or print your creative words or letter with your deepest emotions, Scroll it – put it inside the bottle – and gift it in the gift box.

This gift has endless possibilities for him, her, boyfriend, girlfriend or special someone to simply express romance, wish happy valentine’s day, birthday, anniversary, mothers day or just because to cheer someone up — ideal for a precious personal cute note for long distance relationship.