Valentine’s Day Wristband Bracelets 60PCs

Valentine’s Day Wristband Bracelets

Valentine’s Day Rubber Silicone Wristband Bracelets w/ 6 different assorted Designs.

Who says that a Valentine’s Day has to be expensive? Sometimes simple things do a better job at putting a smile on your lover’s face than luxury items. Let’s take a look at these bracelets for example, not only they look cool, but they carry a message you surely wish to give to your soulmate.

The wristband bracelets are made of silicone, which has been a very popular material lately in the fashion industry. Plus they come in different styles and colors, so your Valentine will be able to carry them in a number of different occasions.

And such a thing wouldn’t’ be possible if you went for an expensive gold bracelet. Your loved one couldn’t take it with them to work, to gym, to parties. Actually, there aren’t too many opportunities where they could show off with their expensive bracelets apart from fancy dinner parties. Wearing such pieces of jewelry daily increases the risk of losing or breaking them. But, such worries don’t exist for those who choose these 60 Valentine’s Day bracelets instead!

What Do You get in the Package?

If you decide to get this gift to your soulmate for Valentine’s Day, you’ll receive 60 silicone bracelets in the package. They come in 6 different colors with different patterns, some of which can be used for other occasions than Valentine’s Day. Those following messages are written on the bracelets:

  • Valentine
  • Be Mine
  • Cutie Pie
  • You Rock
  • BFF

The first two seem ideal for 14th February, while “Cutie Pie” and “You Rock” can be given to someone you fancy. And you can give “BFF” and “XOXOXO” to your friends.

Apart from the writing at the front, the bracelets also have heart symbols at the back, so if you’re bored with the message, you can simply turn it around. This means that your BF/GF can wear the “Valentine” bracelet throughout the year, not only on Valentine’s Day. And they can wear the “Be Mine” wristband even after they become yours!

Technical Specifications

Each of the 60 wristband bracelets included in the package is made of top-quality silicone, which makes it rugged and durable. This material is also waterproof, so you don’t have to take off the bracelet when going for a swim. On top of that, the silicone feels good on the skin, so you won’t need to take it off before going to bed.

The bracelets are made to be suitable for all ages. Their diameter is 2.75 inches, but this material easily stretches so even people with thicker wrists can wear them comfortably. The bracelets are half an inch wide, which means that you can combine them with other pieces of jewelry.

Should You Order It Right Away?

If you’re having second thoughts on whether to buy this 60 bracelets kit, there’s one more thing to know – it’s incredibly cheap! The whole package of bracelets is way cheaper than a single bracelet made of gold or silver.

And considering that there are 60 bracelets in the package, you will be able to use them as presents not just for Valentine’s Day but also for birthdays, Easter, New Year, and so on.

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