Wall Chess Set

Wall Chess Set

Wall Chess Set With Rosewood French Chess Pieces.

Wall Chess Set of Rosewood on Black Cherry, a vertical Straight Up Chess Board. This vertical Chess is designed for a casual game of chess. It comes with weighted Rosewood French chess pieces, and all boards are Manufactured in the USA by Straight Up Chess. Wall Art and entertainment in one package with this classy decoration for home or office.

Wall Chess Set are not only a unique decoration for the wall but they are designed to play a casual game of chess. The chess pieces rest on narrow acrylic shelves, as you make your moves around the Straight Up Chessboard.

Markers are included for “The Last Move” and “Check”. Make your move, mark it “Last Move” and go on your way. Later your opponent stops by, makes their move and the game continues. A classy decoration for any home or professional office, game room, family room, hallway, bar area, etc.

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