Water Filled Punching Bag

Water Filled Punching Bag

Heavy Duty Water Filled Punching Bag.

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Bad Boy Blue Aqua Water Filled Punching Bag 18 Inch or 21 Inch Heavy Punching Bag.
Ships Unfilled – Includes Shackle, Garden Hose Filling Nozzle and Stoppers. Made for experienced & novice fighters. This can improve punching power, agility, flexibility, and accuracy while easier on Joints. Tested by MMA experts, boxing professionals, and Novice Boxers Around the World. Multipurpose designed for indoor and outdoor use for commercial gyms or home gyms. Durable and Long Lasting, No Hard Spots or Settling, Backed by a 2-Year Warranty.

The Aqua Training Bag’s unique shell design and water filling provide a sensation similar to making contact with the human body when striking it. Your energy is absorbed into its internal housing, allowing you to train longer and harder with more powerful combinations. Now you can learn how to punch through an object instead of simply hitting its surface.

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