Waterproof Video Sunglasses Action Camera

Waterproof Video Sunglasses

Waterproof Sunglasses with an HD Camera

Are you an adventurer who doesn’t care about bad weather if excitement awaits? If the answer is yes, we have a perfect device for you. OhO’s Waterproof Video Sunglasses will allow you to record your adventures in first-person view hands-free. This means that you will be able to shoot videos while riding a bike, driving a car, hiking, or even hunting.

And because this gadget is IP66 waterproof, you will be able to use it in water-based activities as well, e.g., surfing, swimming, etc. Sounds awesome, right? But, we haven’t yet told you the best thing about these video sunglasses. The built-in camera records video in HD!

Main Features of Waterproof Video Sunglasses

Everything about this gadget seems great, but there are some features that stand out. Here are some of them:

  • IP66 Waterproof – Because it’s waterproof, the camera won’t break if you get it wet. Sure, you’re not supposed to soak it in water, but you will be able to use it when it is raining.
  • Full HD Camera – The tiny camera inside the sunglasses’ frame (on the bridge of the nose) records video in 1080P resolution, which is a much better resolution than what many other similar gadgets have. It’s actually a similar video quality to what large hand-held video cameras provide.
  • Vibration Alert – The sunglasses will give you a vibrating notification when recording starts or stops, as well as when the battery is about to run out completely.
  • 128GB Memory – The video sunglasses come with a built-in memory with 128GB storage space, which is more than enough to record hours of video. In fact, you can record almost one entire day on it.
  • 1-Hour Battery Life – The only thing stopping you from recording videos all the time is the battery that lasts about an hour before needing a recharge.
  • USB Cable – You can use the cable to recharge the battery but also to transfer data from the video sunglasses to your computer.
  • Floating Strap – If you drop the sunglasses in water, you won’t lose them if they’re attached to the floating strap that’s included in the package.
  • Five Sets of Lenses – This gadget is not only about its camera; when you’re not recording you can use it as real sunglasses. And depending on the activity you’re taking part, you can switch the lenses. There are five different sets you can choose, some of which are good for low-light conditions, some that are designed to keep your eyes protected from UV rays.

Quality Built

The good things about the video sunglasses do not end there. These sunglasses are also very rugged and durable. They’re manufactured by OhO, a company you might not be aware of unless you’re into extreme sports and outdoor activities.

If you haven’t heard about this manufacturer, you should know that it is famous for making quality gadgets, so you can have peace of mind knowing that these video sunglasses won’t break anytime soon. In fact, even if you push them to the limit, they’ll keep on serving you well!

Sports Minded Video

Waterproof Video Sunglasses from OHO are the World First IP66 Level Water Protection Sunglasses, Available for all Kinds Water Sports Including Surfing, Water Moto Bike or Raining Weather, etc.

Amazing 1080P Ultra Full HD resolution video with audio, and crisp photos.  Super comfortable to wear and widely used when cycling, hunting, or fishing. If you need a cam for fast action shots and recording, these are awesome.

One button recording with audio, simply to turn on, turn off and capture photo. Sunglasses are with Vibration Alert with Audio when Recording Starts, Capturing Photos and Stops. A LED Indicator Light.

The Battery recording time is 60 Minutes on one charge. You have the option to use a power bank to surcharge during Video Recording. It comes with built-in 128GB memory. This allows it to store around 20 hours of video information. Also, you can playback the content on a computer or a TV by the included USB cable. This setup has it all for you!

Professional video quality

OHO Video Sunglasses Capture Crisp and Clear Full HD 1080P Video with 1080P Video Sunglasses. Keep Your Hands Free while You Record all of Your Sporting Adventures whether it is Hunting, Fishing, Rock Climbing, Skateboarding, Playing Frisbee, or Motorcycle Sports. Moreover, these are perfect for capturing fast action shots with fluid motion.

The Video Recording Camera Sunglasses Captures a Wide Field of Vision; it can Capture more of What Your Eye Sees. The Glasses Feature Advanced Image Stabilization which Enables You to Record Action Shots with Nice Smooth Video.

Simply Press the Button to Start Recording, and Press Again to Stop. Also, the Video Recording Camera Glasses will Alert You with a Vibration when You Start/Stop Recording. Never Worry about Running out of Space, the Video Glasses Record to 128GB Built-in Memory.


Video Recording During Charging, Built-in 128GB Memory Can Store 20 Hours Video Information

1920 x 1080 Photo Resolution

Camera and Taking Photo Function

US Safety Lens Standard ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2015 Impact Resistant for Eye and Face Protection Devices

100% UV400 Protection Polarized Lens and FDA Drop-bell Test

Video Format: MOV H264 (1920×1080@30fps)

Charging Time: 1 Hour by USB Cable or Power Charger

Battery Working Time: 60 Minutes around Video Recording after Fully Charge

Operation System: Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista/7,8 and 8.1 and Mac OS

Media Playing Software: Window Media Player or Mainstream Audio and Video Media Playing Software, KM Player Recommend.

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