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Create a new wholesale account!

Create a new wholesale account with great margins and marketing support that is second to none in the CBD industry. Make a great partner in sales today, CBS is growing market size and strength.

Many manufacturers may be tough to buy from since they tend to fulfill high volume orders only. However, you get the lowest prices when you buy from them. Contact them… Call up their sales department or send them an email. Ask them, “Can I order your product from you directly? Do you have a minimum order amount?

It may take time and many phone calls, but over time and with the continued effort, you may find the manufacturer who will work with you.

What is a wholesale account?

Wholesale Suppliers are the middle link in the retail chain. They buy in bulk from manufacturers, and they sell in smaller quantities to retail operations, like an Internet Store.

What does wholesale account mean

Retail buyers purchase merchandise from wholesalers to resale to consumers.

Can anyone get a wholesale account?

Wholesale businesses are volume-based. Their need to sell large quantities of items at a rapid pace means lower prices and more savings for you. There are opportunities to buy almost anything at wholesale prices so getting started is easy. Once your contact list of sellers begins to grow, you can even find success reselling wholesale goods.