Wine Condoms Bottle Stopper


Wine Condoms Bottle Stopper Coverings.

The Wine Condoms, bottle stopper protects wine, and even the bigger bottles will be well covered.  (click #ad to see all products) This protective wine covering was invented by a mother-son duo; apparently, they liked wine. With “a bigger is a better mentality,” pun intended, they newly upgraded wine condom to version 2.0. This version 2.0 is the ultimate in wine protection and preservation for the really big ones.

The shrink to fit technology that is used allows you to seal up almost any opened bottle, creating a water-tight and air-tight seal that is fully reusable! Do you have a drawer filled with different size stoppers? With these condoms there is no need to have separate bottle stoppers for different sized bottles, this is an all in one solution for storing your opened beverages, wine and more.

Having a tight seal is always essential, and keeping the liquid in, providing the ultimate spill protection, is vital for protection. Protecting the wine by sealing in freshness these Wine Condoms are 99.9% effective preventing unplanned spills.

Are you having a party?

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These are sure to put a smile, or an awkward expression on even the most uptight wine snobs face. In reality, wine condoms are about being functional and fun. Set the mood with a bottle of wine and this silly yet practical beverage storage solution.

If your frig is short on storage space and not enough room to stand up bottles of wine, this may be your solution. Most bottle stoppers add too much length to a bottle to be placed upright in the refrigerator. Wine condoms offer a solution to upright or side-lying storage. The leak-proof technology means you can pick your favorite position.

These also make a perfect gag gift for the unassuming wine lover in your life. You bring a laugh to a party, and they get fresh wine! These adult themed wine stoppers make the perfect gift paired with a bottle of wine, or alone.

On-The-Go Protection

Plan on getting “lucky” with your next glass of merlot or chardonnay? Wine Condoms, like regular condoms, can be slipped in your pocket or purse and taken anywhere! They work great for restaurants and party leftovers too! Make this hilarious wine stopper the perfect gift.

NO MORE unplanned spillage transporting unfinished wine from restaurants, parties, and events. Wine Condoms are the easiest, most fun wine stopper you’ll ever use. Simply open the package and roll it over the top of the bottle. Once applied, it will help preserve the wine, prevent spills and best of all it’s reusable!

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Don’t forget… A glass of wine by moonlight can be the start to the ultimate romance!

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