World Map Giant Mouse Pad

World Map Giant Mouse Pad

Retro World Map Full Desk Coverage Gaming And Office Mouse Pad.

What’s the largest US state? Where is Bolivia? What’s the capital of India? You can find all the answers online. We live in the internet era, where you can find anything you want to know in one click. And this means the old-fashioned paper maps have become obsolete.

Sure, online maps are much more convenient, but there’s some strange feeling of romance surrounding the traditional maps. After all, they had been used for centuries to help people navigate across the globe. And millions of people used to spend hours in front of those maps, dreaming about distance lands and planning a better future. If you’re an American, the chances are that your ancestors used to look at such maps when they were preparing their journey to the New World.

All of this makes us feel strange about the old-fashioned maps. If only there were a way to come up with a new purpose for them. Well, maybe there is a way. Maybe you could use them as something else, for example, like a mouse/keyboard pad?

Retro World Map Pad

Here’s a large office mat for your mouse and keyboard which has a large world map printed across. A great thing about it is that it features a retro world map, which won’t distract you from your office work but will still provide you with all sorts of information. So, if you’re feeling bored in the office, just look down under your keyboard, and you’ll find something interesting.

Apart from featuring interesting print, the pad is awesome for many other reasons. First of all, it’s large, so you will be able to use it not just as a mouse pad, but also for your keyboard. Actually, it can probably cover your entire desk.

And the reason why this is the good thing is that you will be able to use the mouse from any position you want. You will also have nothing to worry about scratching the desk surface or spilling coffee. The pad is made of a material that is resistant to both scratches and spills.

The good things about this mat do not end there. It also provides an excellent grip, so it won’t slide away from the desk. The same goes for its surface which is designed to be used for the computer mouse. The pad will make you in control of the mouse; the pointer won’t move too fast or too slow if you keep the mouse on this pad.

Is this a Good Gift?

Sure it is! If your soulmate is a romantic who often dreams about the past, this is an ideal present. Of course, thanks to its design, this pad seems like a good choice for many other occasions.

You can give it to your loved one as a birthday gift, Easter or Christmas present, etc. Actually, you don’t need any special reason to get this pad for your partner. If they need such a thing, there’s no reason not to buy it right away!World Map Giant Mouse Pad

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