Worlds Smallest Stun Gun Keychain

Worlds Smallest Stun Gun

Worlds Smallest Stun Gun Protector

Worlds Smallest Stun Gun = ZAPPPP!!!!! 6,000,000 Volts at your command!
Weighing less than 2 ounces and only about .50 inches in thickness and 4 inches in height, the Hornet is your best choice for a concealed and discreet self-defense stun gun. THE WORLD’S SMALLEST STUN GUN is the best stun gun for your daily protection needs. The built-in keychain makes it ultra-convenient to clip the Hornet stun gun case to your keys for easy access. Battery operated and the battery has a built-in plug for recharging.

This handheld stun gun also provides three powerful built-in LED flashlights that will illuminate the darkest corner. When deployed, the shock also emits a loud zapping noise. This little stun gun features a 6 million volts and 3.6 milliamp zap that will stop any attacker.

The Guard Dog Hornet mini stun gun may be small enough to conceal in a hand but don’t let the size fool you. And YES the wife has one!

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