Your No James Bond But Maybe James Bond in your dreams

James-Bond in your dreams

Your No James Bond, but you can always dream.

Your No James Bond but bring your super agent dreams a little closer with this Aston Martin DB5 Silver Birch 1/12 Model Car by GT Spirit. This beauty is the embodiment of British car manufacturing, in the image of James Bond, on his Majesty’s secret service. Everyone’s favorite spy, the ever-elusive and always alluring 007, aka James Bond, Bond, is known for his eye-catching Aston Martin.

This Aston Martin DB5 Silver Birch 1/12 Model Car is no toy for little boys. In other words, the big boys like the attention to detail and quality of workmanship in this model.

  • Brand new 1:12 scale car model of Aston Martin’s.
  • Brand new box.
  • Real rubber tires.
  • Detailed interior, exterior.
  • Dimensions approximately L-19, W-10.5, H-7.75 inches.
  • This item is made of resin and does not have any openings.
  • If you have to think of one model from the decades-long history of the British manufacturer, we’re betting it’d be the Aston Martin DB5 Silver Birch. The Aston Martin DB5 was the founding stone for the brand for the decades that followed, still influencing the cars coming out of the factory. Its form was thanks to “Carrozzeria Touring,” in charge of the design of the aluminum bodywork.

Certainly, men aren’t the only ones with James Bond fantasies. The sight of a DB5 makes any Ferraris seem as common as any male supermodel draped on the arm of a beautiful woman. A low-slung symphony of curves,  Aston Martin, is sculpted to seduce. Any woman could invite the most dangerous-looking man for a ride. If he doesn’t meet your expectations, hit my ejector button and roar off.


Wanting to find out more about the world of James Bond? Visit the official James Bond website and see the 007 we all know and love.

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